Last post of the year!

As the school year has come to an end I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who have read and hopefully enjoyed our blog. Your support is very much appreciated and I will miss reading your comments and kind words. Mrs Cryer and I will miss all the children very much but we are excited to see them move on to Year 1 as they are all ready for a new set of challenges. We are so proud of what they have achieved this year and we know that Mr Leeming is excited to get to know them all in September and continue their learning journey at Lowerplace. 

All that is left to say is have a fantastic Summer holiday. 

Marva is ready! Are you?? 

Blackpool Zoo Trip

We had a fantastic day out at the zoo on Friday 1st July. We were so lucky with the weather! 

We were able to see lots of animals. Have a look at all our photographs (thanks as always to Mrs Cryer our trusty photographer) Which animal was your favourite? 

Blackpool Zoo 1

Blackpool Zoo 2

Blackpool Zoo 3

Blackpool Zoo 4

A special thank you to Mr Hall, Mr Leeming and all our parent helpers for looking after us and helping to make the day run smoothly.

Our Class Assembly 

On Thursday 30th June we had our class assembly. It was a celebration of the different languages we speak. We had all been learning to count to 10 in Urdu and French. Superstars Damaris, Mary and Melissa counted in Portuguese, Yad counted in Kurdish and Sumayyah counted in Bengali. They were so brave standing up in front of such a fantastic audience. The hall was packed! At the end when I stood up and turned around I was blown away to see so many parents there to support us! Thank you all so much. Mrs Cryer and I were very proud of all the children and the hard work they had put in to preparing for their moment in the spotlight! 

Sports Stars in Ra!

We are proud to share that Kian has achieved another karate belt – a brown one with a red stripe. We know he works really hard on his karate and he is just as dedicated to his school work. Fantastic progress. Well done Kian! Mrs Cryer and I will have to keep an eye on how he gets on next year too! 

We also have a super swimmer in our class! Jaiden has achieved his Stage 2 certificate and can also swim 10 metres without putting his feet down. We are proud to share this excellent achievement. Being able to swim is a fantastic life skill to have. Well done Jaiden!